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Welcome to Vocodojo™

Hi everyone! My name is Erik Landry, M.S. CCC-SLP (Whoa! That’s a lot of credentials! What do all those letters mean?) I’m a Clinical Voice Pathologist/Speech-Language Pathologist who has the privilege and responsibility of rehabilitating and training professional singers around the world!

I. Love. My. Job!

In addition to being a singing voice rehabilitation specialist, I also happen to be a singer and a voice teacher! If you’re thinking, “This guy’s a total Voice Geek!” then you’re RIGHT!
Disclaimer: I eat, breathe, and sleep all things about the singing voice.
My experience as a singer has allowed me the opportunity to perform in many musical productions, concert choirs, a cappella groups, and solo performances. Here are a few production companies and groups that I’ve performed with:
  • Broad Brook Opera House
  • Center Church on the Green
  • Southern Connecticut State University
  • Yale Opera Chorus
  • Yale Russian Chorus
I consider myself an incredibly fortunate guy to have had the singing experiences that I’ve had and to have worked with some of the most beautiful voices in the world! But after years of professional singing, clinical research, teaching voice lessons, and rehabilitating thousands of voices, I wanted to create something that many people could have access to on their own time.

I was looking for something that ALL SINGERS could benefit from, so I created VOCODOJO™!!!

Vocodojo™ is…

The world’s FIRST elementally inspired Voice Test to give you valuable insight about the potential strengths and weaknesses of YOUR singing voice!
The world’s FIRST elementally inspired gym for singers to take your voice to the next level!
A diverse community of singers across many genres of music from all over the world!

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