Vocodojo™ is a new philosophy, a community, and a training gym for singers!
My profession, training, and singing experience offers me the immense privilege to work with internationally acclaimed singers! But I wanted to find a way to give many people access to the comprehensive voice training that I teach to elite vocal athletes! Whether you’re a seasoned professional or beginner, I can say with great certainty that you will deepen your connection to and control of your vocal instrument.
All vocal explorers, voice geeks, voice gurus, voice teachers, vocal pedagogues, vocal coaches, voice students, and voice professionals are welcome here. If you sing, or you want to learn more about your body as an instrument for singing, then make yourself at home at Vocodojo™. Our intention is to evolve the music industry by empowering singers like you with a deeper understanding of the vocal instrument, by giving you valuable insight regarding your innate vocal strengths, and by creating a community of singers who value artistic and vocal diversity!
We seek to achieve this global change with our revolutionary voice classification system, our singing voice training program The ULTIMATE VOCODOJO™, and… a few other projects that I’ll keep you updated on! Stay tuned 😉
At Vocodojo™ you will be provided with a series of techniques and exercises to prepare your mind and body for singing so that you have the freedom to sing in the way that is the truest to you!
Vocodojo™ was inspired by Kotodama, which is a Japanese philosophy that is translated as “sacred sound”. After learning about this ancient philosophy, I began pondering what is important to me as a singer, as a voice teacher, and as a clinical Voice Pathologist. I reflected on how fortunate I am to be a Clinical Vocologist with years of professional singing experience and martial arts training. I was overcome with this profound sense of duty to help singers around the world.

What I love about martial arts training is how structured it is, how it instills a sense of self-discipline, and how there is a common theme of respect for other martial artists of all levels. We all have to start somewhere! But I hadn’t come across anything like this in the vocal music industry. Sure, there are plenty of voice training programs, but as a Voice Therapist, I was seeking something that would help to empower many different kinds of singers. Hence the birth of the Elemental Voice Training Philosophy!

The Vocodojo™ method harnesses the symbolism of the elements in how they relate to the pillars of the singing voice:


Represents the body of the singer, which is prepared for the physical demands of singing through a series of stretches and relaxation exercises.


Represents the singer’s breath support, which is trained through a series of breathing exercises and drills.


Represents how the singers voice resonates outside of the body, which is trained through a series of vocal resonance exercises throughout the vocal range.


Represents how the singer flows through their vocal registers, which is improved through a series of vocal coordination, flexibility, and agility exercises.

About the Creator

My name is Erik Landry, M.S. CCC-SLP and I’d like to take this moment to welcome you to Vocodojo™! For years, I have been studying the voice, singing with various groups around the U.S. and Europe, and teaching people how to sing. After a series of fantastically serendipitous events, my hunger to learn more about the voice became so strong, that I decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology with a focus on the professional singing voice.
I was incredibly fortunate to have received my clinical voice pathology training with Starr Cookman and Patricia Doyle in the Otolaryngology department at UConn Health, worked on a fantastic research team at Yale under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan Preston, received my M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology at Southern Connecticut State University, toured with the Yale Russian Chorus under the direction of Mark Bailey, sang in the Yale opera ensemble under the direction of Speranza Scappucci and Mark Verzatt, and many more awesome experiences!
Now, I serve EVERYDAY PEOPLE who just want to sing as a hobby as well as ELITE SINGERS from around the world! It is my honor to share with you, the industry secrets that have helped my clients tap into their vocal elements and unleash their vocal super powers!

With your membership, you’ll get unlimited access to the Vocodojo™ Gym!!! That means that you can learn about YOUR vocal super powers and develop your singing voice whenever you want!

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