About Earth Dominant Singers

These singers tend to feel the unique power of their voice coming from their throats and/or their whole bodies. Earth dominant voice types seek to convey a wide array of emotions through their vocal textures; however, they often gravitate toward expressing intense emotions such as rage, passion, frustration, righteousness, and devotion. Vocalists who exhibit earth dominant qualities will often use frequent vocal distortions to create texture, depth, and realness in their sound. Sometimes Earth dominant vocalists will convey emotion at whatever the cost, even if it results in an increased sensation of physical effort while singing. Earth dominant vocalists have a gift of reaching people through their distinct vocal imperfections (which they fully embrace) and their resonant lower register. Vocalists who exemplify earth dominance are Barry White, Johnny Cash, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Dave Grohl, and Chris Stapleton.


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