Whether you’re an internationally acclaimed singer or just beginning your vocal development, it is recommended that all singers start at level 1 then progress to levels 2 and 3 to maximize your RESULTS!

This revolutionary voice training program, builds on itself, so you don’t want to miss the techniques and warmups in the first two levels, even if you consider yourself an advanced singer.

But since I’m all about autonomy, you have the freedom to subscribe to the videos in any order you like! 😉

If you’d prefer to have access to the ENTIRE Vocodojo™: Synergistic Voice Training series right from the start, then sign up for the Ultimate Vocodojo™!

Level One


  • Tap into your vocal elements with these fundamental voice exercises!
  • Prepare your body with vocal calisthenics used by elite vocal athletes!
  • Deepen your understanding of the anatomy and physiology of your vocal instrument!
  • Improve your awareness and control of your breathing mechanism!
  • Experience the natural acoustic properties of YOUR resonant voice!
  • Improve the coordination throughout your vocal registers without strain!
  • 24/7 Access
  • Exclusive Member Perks
  • Cancel Anytime

Level Two


  • Take your singing abilities to the next level!
  • Improve your mind-body awareness to reduce the onset of vocal fatigue!
  • Learn techniques to keep your voice healthy and balanced!
  • Advance your breath support to improve vocal stamina!
  • Improve control of vocal placement and power!
  • Improve your vocal agility across melodic patterns!
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Level Three


  • Watch your vocal super powers SKYROCKET with these advanced vocal warmups!
  • Maximize your awareness of the anatomy and physiology of your voice so your body works for you not against you when you sing!
  • Maximize your breath support and vocal stamina with these breathing drills!
  • Increase the intensity and resonance of your voice without pushing for it!
  • Maximize your vocal agility to increase your artistic and creative freedom when you sing!
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Ultimate Vocodojo™


  • If you want FULL ACCESS to the VOCODOJO™ Video Library, then the ULTIMATE Vocodojo™ is the plan for you!
  • Discover and develop your vocal elements to advance your singing in a profound way!
  • Master your vocal instrument to sing in the way that is truest to YOU!
  • Review exercises and progress through the complete program at your own pace!
  • Includes the complete Synergistic Voice Training Program to maximize your results!
  • Harness the power of ALL the vocal elements with the world’s FIRST physiologically based and elementally inspired voice training program!
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